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About Aftertype

The goal of Aftertype is to give you the tools to build effective and professional blogs on top of Ghost, functional, fast & easy.

Access to a premium library of beautiful themes & services, but not just that. Aftertype aims to be an awesome community where you can ask, answer and share to improve your blog and everyone wins.

Why become a member of Aftertype?

The true magic happens when you install any of the Aftertype Themes and synchronize your blog to add functionality. You don't have to code a single line, let Aftertype handle the technical stuff and you focus on blogging.

Display contact forms without a hazzle, add widgets, set a comments system and there is more to come. No limits.

Say goodbye to the times when you needed to edit partials and multiple files, it will be far easier and faster to run a decent blog. No more tweak and upload.
About Aftertype

How it works?

You can join for free to Aftertype with a Starter Plan and a limited access to the themes & services.

When you sign up for a Plus Plan you will have complete access for one year to all the current and upcoming themes and services, with at least one new theme every month. The Unlimited Plan works just like the Plus Plan but it is a single payment for a lifetime.

Third party themes compatibility

There are plans in the near future to develop and share compatibility to third party themes.

All theme developers will be able to integrate the Aftertype Services for free without restrictions.