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Syncing your Ghost blog with the Aftertype Services

Syncing your Ghost blog with the Aftertype Services

Now that you joined Aftertype, syncing your blog is pretty straight forward. Logged in, go to "My Themes & Setups", click the "Sync new Ghost Blog" button and you'll be guided through the syncing setup. It is important to notice that...


The upcoming Widgets and Services for your Ghost blog

The Aftertype Assistant will be in constant development and you will notice how new services get available as time passes by. At this moment, the Assistant handles the following widgets and/or services: Contact Forms/Page, Instagram Feed, Widget Flickr Feed...


Ghost 2.0 support for Personal theme

Hi, I tried to update to Ghost 2.0 which recently got released, and the installer failed. The reason is that the theme I'm using is not compatible with Ghost 2.0. I'm using the Personal theme. Do you

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